Should I make an appointment before visiting?

Absolutely!  To better serve our customers and to make sure you and your guests have a great experience, we recommend making an appointment before visiting us.  We would hate for a bride to pop in and see gowns they want to try on and there not be a dressing or showroom available for them. Our bridal appointments range from 90-120 minutes, so we have to carefully plan out our days with staffing. We have appointments available for bridal gowns, bridesmaids, accessory shopping, etc.

How many people can I bring with me to the appointment?

We encourage our brides to bring the people that they need to make decisions with them. Our personal showrooms can seat up to 5 guests and we have upgraded bridal appointments in Private showrooms that can accommodate more. View those options HERE. For those shopping for bridesmaids, we encourage bringing those who are shopping for and trying on the gowns. With that appointment you are more reserved try-on space and the seating is limited. There is only seating for 1-2 people who will not be trying on dresses.

Your questionnaire asked about my budget.  What if I don't know or am not comfortable with giving out that information?

We want every bride to have a wonderful experience trying on wedding gowns!  To help us do that, we try to get as much information as we can about your wants and needs for your wedding before you even step foot in our door.  We offer a wide range of price points in the store and can accommodate almost any budget. Our regular wedding gowns currently range from around $650-$3000, with the median of our gowns in the $1000-$1500 range. When we are preparing for your appointment and going through our notes, we research and pre-select some of the gowns we are going to show you when you come in.  We would hate to get excited about showing you the perfect dress, then find out it is in an unreasonable price range.  Our stock is arranged by price, so you can easily shop our selections without fear of sticker shock.  Do not fear that we will only show you gowns at the top of your budget listed, we just don't want to go above it, at least not without your permission. Our Sale department offers gowns ready to be purchased off the rack for $99-$999.

Should I bring anything with me?

If you have been looking online, in magazines, or pinning on Pinterest, bring us your inspiration!  This will help your Bridal Stylist see your vision.  Also, come with an open mind, especially if this is your first time trying on bridal gowns.  Dresses can look a lot different on the body versus on a hanger and your consultant has been trained in how to best dress different body shapes. When you set up your appointment, you automatically get emailed/texted a link to your customer portal where you can peruse through selections of gowns we have in stock, mark your favorites, and make notes.

Due to the nature of our wedding gowns, we do require your stylist to help you in and out of the wedding gowns to keep them in top shape since we sell the gowns from our racks all the time.  Wear what will be comfortable for you in this type of a situation.  Coming prepared with a strapless bra and a pair of heels is always a good idea as it can help you see your complete vision.

Do you carry Plus Sizes?

Yes we do!  We offer one of the widest selections of Plus Size wedding gowns sizes 18-32.  We also stock our bridesmaids dresses in sizes 0-28.  Feel the freedom of shopping where there are sizes for everyone to try on.  

Can I bring in food or champagne for my appointment?

There are very strict liquor laws in New York that prohibit the consumption of alcohol in a business without the proper licensing.  We do not allow outside food or drink in the showroom.  

Can I take pictures at your salon?

We do have designated areas to which pictures can be taken. Pictures are only allowed in designated areas due to the sensitive nature of weddings, the possibility of another bride or customer being in your background. The showroom is located next to the dressing area and in NY State privacy laws are enforced. We also have limited time for our appointments.  You will only be able to try on a small amount of dresses if you need to take pictures of every gown.  To maximize your appointment, we suggest trying on all the gowns you can/want to in your appointment time, and then only take pictures of the favorites at the end.

There is a small selection of bridal gowns that pictures are not allowed of.  Some designers are working to avoid the confusion that is caused by knock-off sites that are continually popping up.  They want to protect their intellectual property as well avoid heartache that brides undergo when they don't realize they've ordered a knock-off online until it has arrived.  Due to this, no pictures are allowed until a purchase has been made.  These gowns are tagged accordingly, and we will of course bring it to your attention before trying them on.

Should I get a sitter for the kids?

As much as we love children, we strongly recommend you not bring them to any bridal store.   From a child’s perspective, a bridal salon is not a very fun place to be. They’re expected to sit still for an hour or more and can’t touch anything. Additionally, there are safety hazards, like loose pins, needles, or small objects like beads that they can put in their mouths.

It’s also important to get a sitter because the appointment is a time for you to focus on yourself, with no distractions. We know how much your child’s opinion means to you, but a cranky child can be tough to impress. We know, we have small children ourselves!  A better way to involve them in the process is to bring them to an accessory or pick up appointment so they can see the final product and only have to control themselves for 20 minutes or so.

Do you charge for appointments?

We are so excited to offer different bridal appointment options for those that wish to enhance their experience! There are both complimentary and paid bridal options. You can view the different appointment types HERE.

We know brides don’t fit into a one size fits all box. Many of our brides purchase the day of their first visit, but we’d never want to penalize someone who wasn’t sure of her style yet or needed to sleep on a big decision. To offer our bride’s gowns at the best prices with full service, we offer up to 3 complimentary bridal appointments.

My bridesmaids are scattered all over, what are my options?

We work with bridesmaid groups with girls all over the country and the world! There is always a chance of dye lot variations on color if your bridesmaids order from all different salons.  To ensure they all match in color, you will need to order them at the same time from the same salon.  Your out of town girls can either get measured, or we would be happy to walk them through the steps of measuring themselves and finding them an appropriate size (you can watch one of our videos with a tutorial on how to measure yourself on our IGTV:  Our Customer Portal makes it super easy for a bride to watch over the progress of her bridesmaids order as well as allowing the bridesmaids to upload their measurements/sizing, pay for, and sign their contracts, all online!

I need my bridesmaid to be measured for an order being placed out of state.  Can you help?

We would love to help!  Since we put our salesgirls through extensive training, we do have a $20 measuring fee.  Have your bridesmaid come prepared with the designer and style of her dress, so we can see what silhouette the dress is to make appropriate suggestions.  The name and phone number of the salon you are ordering from is also helpful in case we need to call to see if there are any special instructions for measuring for a particular dress.  We will give the bridesmaid a copy of her measurements and our sizing suggestions, but the size decided is completely between the bridesmaid and the store the dress is being purchased from. Due to the inability to get an idea of sizing, we do not offer measurements for online purposes.

You took my measurements, but the dress doesn’t fit me perfectly.  Why is that?

The gowns are all cut to a standard sizing chart and the measurements are there to guide you in choosing the best size. There sometimes can be no such thing as ‘the perfect size’ as most of these gowns do not stretch like ready-to-wear. When we are sizing, we ask each customer what her comfort is while taking measurements.  Every person wears their clothing differently and prefers to be measured a different way.  We will then take these measurements and compare them to the sizing chart for that designer.  We recommend to order the largest size your measurements fall into and then have the gown tailored down to your shape. Since no one will know their body better than the customer, the size chosen is at the customer's discretion completely and we will not make you order a size you do not want.  

Women with the same measurements can still have completely different shapes.  You can stand 2 women next to each other with the same bust measurement.  One may have a larger cup and a smaller rib cage, the other may have a larger rib cage and smaller cup.  One of these women may require more alterations than the other.  This does not mean the wrong size was ordered, it just means there may be tweaks needed to fit the gown perfectly to your body.

Are you handicap accessible?

Absolutely! If you or someone in your group has any special needs or is in a wheelchair, just let us know when you book your appointment and we will set everything up to make your visit stress-free. 

Do you take dresses on consignment?

We do not take dresses on consignment or purchase dresses from consumers.  We work strictly with our designers.