Prom 2019

New styles are arriving! Why go to the Mall where you run the risk of seeing your gown on several other girls? Or risk ordering your prom gown online, when there are so many knock off sites, you won’t know who to trust?

We buy limited quantities in our prom department to ensure not to saturate the market with similar styles. We constantly rotate through our inventory. We have full and flirty to red carpet runway styles in store. Stop in anytime during our hours to find your perfect prom match!

View a small selection of our styles below.


Red Carpet and Special Occasion Wear

Our collection of sassy stretch wear is perfect for a Black Tie event. Available to order in lots of colors and they are made in the USA!


We want to be there for you, from your first date to your wedding day.  Enjoy shopping our rotating selection of new styles.  We carry a selection of tops, rompers, dresses, skirts, and shawls. Incorporate pieces from your wedding journey into your regular wardrobe to always have a memento from your special day.


Bride Squad

Plan your wedding activities or go out for your bachelorette party donning Bride and Team Bride tank tops.  Our tops are made from the softest cotton, guaranteeing your squad will want to wear them for more than just one night!