Gown Preservation

While you can take your gown to a dry cleaners, remember that preserving your gown is also the last step in preserving the memories from your big day.  We use The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. to clean and preserve our client's gowns.  We trust their 100 year guarantee because they've been in business for over 100 years!  

The difference is that after they meticulously clean the gown, they put it through an Anti-Sugaring treatment.  This cleans off all the oils from your hands and skin that can turn your gown over time.  The gown comes back, presented carefully in a window box display.  They include gloves and a resealing strip so that you can check over your gown, know that it has been well cared for, and still maintain the preservation process, which most cleaners don't want you to do.  We accept gowns purchased anywhere for our Preservation Packages. We do prefer an appointment to be made so we can go over your gown with you and make note of any area you would like to be paid special attention. 

In-House Alterations

Purchase your gown with confidence knowing that all of your wedding dreams will come true.  Since our alteration department is located on site, you can rest assured that we can answer all of your questions before you purchase your dress.  In a time where services are almost becoming a thing of the past, we proudly offer as much or as little as you would like to use.  Due to high demand, we only offer in-house alterations for gowns purchased in store.